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Catalyzing the relationship between our Cities
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A collection of the worlds famous landmarks placed together
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a billion seconds

"a billion seconds" is a campaign to focus our collective view further into the future, centralizing ESG/SDG in the conversation. A billion seconds is around 30 years.

We are asking for support or participation, for a shift in the outlook on time to reframe the impossible, and create a long-term outlook to solve the possible together.


Thoughts From Our People

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“Too often our society gets stuck in the short-sighted thinking of our political cycles. I see C7’s a billion seconds as a way to contribute to developing solutions that will shape our environment for generations to come.”
Francisco Litvay
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“C7 recognises that cities are the key nodes in our global society, and that if we can progress them fairly it will serve for the benefit of the majority.”
Deborah Avila
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“I’m inspired by C7’s aim to bring together cities and partners from all cultures with a focus on the best solutions they have to offer for shared challenges.”
Kat Serlet
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"C7 wants to elevate discourse to a problem solving mindset. We believe that we have more in common than that which divides us."
Sam Lombardo
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“I see two kinds of progress: a revolutionary leap of genius takes 10 seconds. Its methodical implementation takes one billion seconds. Acknowledging our debt to the latter, we always strive for the former.”
Aleksa Burmazovic
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“Cities of 7 Continents exists to break down information barriers. We utilize the idea that successful systems are transferable across our planet and that everyone deserves open access to growth.”
James Forster
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