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We are an organization aimed at uncovering the common ground between Cities, solving challenges, and promoting ideas that work. By focusing on strengths we can share ideas and strategies that overcome obstacles. A confirmed success in one location can serve as a road map in another. C7 will orchestrate and catalyse a network in order to connect solutions and strategies to where they are needed.

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Picture collage. Top left corner being a male film director holding a film camera in which looks to be a desert location along side his male assistant. The bottom left consisting of a shot of buildings in a city. The top right being 2 scuba divers deep inside of a cave and the bottom right being a collection of people, of all ages posing to the camera with smiles at a beach


Cities produce 80% of Global GDP


70% of city dwellers lack reliable access to water or electricity


Almost 1/3rd of the world’s urban population lives in slums

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