Journey of the Whales

Dani Abrias


Movements Around Our World

An adventure following marine biologist Dani Abras as she travels through the places where whales go. A bilingual mix of education and travel, the project aims to highlight the less known places where one can see whales. This is done using formats that engage viewers and participants.

The Mission

To bring peoples’ attention to cultures they haven’t interacted with, while leaving a lasting impact of capacity building. This impact comes from two sources, one is as a result of helping teach coastal communities the science of the animals in their waters. The other is through new tourism opportunities stimulating local economic development.

The Future of Dani's Adeventures

Dani has helped develop whale watching in South America, Africa, Antarctica and the Pacific islands. The project's future is to follow the migratory routes of whales from the blue whales in Sri Lanka, the humpbacks in Kenya, the Orca’s of Argentina, and the mysterious pod of Humpbacks living in the Arabian Sea, the only group not to migrate.

a close of whale in water
aerial view of four hales swimming in body of water
aerial view of
close up of a whale in water
front view of whale in water
aerial view of three whales swimming in body of water

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