Open Zone Map


Paving the Way to Predict Economic Trends

The Open Zone Map arose from the need to gather, verify, structure, and visually present important and up-to-date information concerning worldwide economic zones. Until now, all Special Economic Zone datasets were incomplete, poorly presented, and difficult to access.

Members of our team set themselves a mission to create and share an entirely open-source global dataset on Special Economic Zones and special jurisdictions.

The Map launched to a high impact audience that was tasked with putting the Map into action and it has already reached several publications:

Now academics, students, investors, and policy makers can freely use a comprehensive, interactive, and up-to-date tool that enables and simplifies the geoeconomic analysis of Special Economic Zones.

Thanks to the Open Zone Map, thousands of people will be able to access previously scattered information and quickly learn about the status of the world's Special Economic Zones, paving the way for better models to predict economic trends.

an image of the world map with colored dots scattered across

You can access the map here

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