Startup Societies Foundation


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Startup Societies summit

The Vision

Members of our team founded the Startup Societies Foundation because they have a vision for how to improve the lives of people on our planet that they have carried forward into their work for C7.

A startup society is typically a small territorial experiment in government. For centuries, innovators have created enclaves to escape institutional barriers. America itself was created to escape religious persecution in Europe.

"A startup society is typically a small territorial experiment in government"

The startup societies of today are making the world into a more diverse and competitive place. Examples include city states, microstates, special economic zones, intentional communities, eco-villages, and “seasteading”.

A male speaking on stage
Startup Societies summit


By creating a “startup society”, an experimental government in a small geographic area, governance has the ability to experiment when traditional government cannot

Building an Innovative Future

With Startup societies we have held a variety of global events catering to the community of people seeking to build an innovative future. Our last conference was a virtual event with 500+ attendees lasting 3 days, filled with speakers ranging from innovators to high networth investors and VC’s.

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