Our campaign to inspire

What can you do with a second? How about a billion seconds?

1 second - read 3-4 words
10 seconds - pick up a piece of trash
100 seconds - a conversation with a friend
1,000 seconds - a first round pitch to a VC
10,000 seconds - run a great marathon time
100,000 seconds - travel to anywhere in the world
1,000,000 seconds - read a book
10,000,000 seconds - one semester of university
100,000,000 seconds - time per job for millenials
1,000,000,000 seconds - change the world

This is our way to explain and inspire multigenerational thinking. We are starting with the idea that progress takes time. A billion seconds aims to guide our collective attention further out and to a larger scale so we can establish meaningful goals with significant impact on our planet.

A billion seconds is around 30 years, longer than a single generation, enough time for a forest to grow. Using ESG and SDG as a guide for ideas to inspire and for actions to take, we are promoting the best solutions out there.

We are partnering with educators, businesses, organizations, influencers, and governments we believe will be able to accelerate a change in thinking. This change can inspire our generation to place more value on the long term while expanding how we consider the time needed to enact change or achieve progress.


1. Progress takes time, we shouldn't demand the immediate
2. Small actions can add up to big changes
3. Looking further away can help us understand the now

How can you contribute to the next billion seconds for our planet?

A Billion Seconds aims to teach people that we can solve our common ground challenges together, one second at a time.

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