Cities Summit

The Conference that Catalyses

The cities in our world face challenges every day, and while brilliant solutions are found; they are locally implemented. There is no communication between urban centers to showcase their extraordinary solutions.

This is where C7's Cities Summit comes come into play. We host in partner cities, designed to attract and support solutions-driven individuals and organizations to discover the common ground where these brilliant ideas are happening.

Our audience is a diverse group of doers, thinkers, and those with untapped potential. By bringing together ‘heroes’ from communities globally, the conference will create a framework for strategic collaboration that enables access to ideas and resources focused on growth and development.

Our audience is a diverse group of doers, thinkers, and those with untapped potential

Audience in a large theater or auditorium
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Cities Summit Concept


Create Networks of value and finding the common ground

  • Create Networks of Value
  • Find Common Ground
  • 'a billion seconds'

Reciprocity Ring

Understanding the strengths and challenges facing cities. Lessons of the past, successes in the present, and opportunities of the future

  • Understanding the strengths and challenges of the world
  • Lessons of the past
  • Successes in the present + opportunities of the future
  • Building the engine


Implementing the value of reciprocity and starting the engine

  • Implementing the value of reciprocity
  • What is community? Inventing the city
  • Start the engine
  • 'a billion ideas' + 'unite on time'

Remote attendees will ideally be able to access the event via a variety of digital platforms, including VR

Cities Summit Theme

We will focus on practical exercises and collaborative sessions to share and create valuable knowledge with a focus on later implementation.

Key Elements:

Shaping the next billion seconds

  • Shared Challenges - Discover the common ground
  • Smart Cities - Opportunities and requirements of smart cities
  • Impact Initiatives - Identifying and understanding successful projects

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