Online Communities

The advent of free-to-use online communities provides a foundational tool for C7 to share ideas globally and provide a free service to many people. 

Through our community, entrepreneurs can connect and collaborate resulting in cross pollination, organizations can seek out volunteers and hires, and solutions can be shared. 

We will tie in our partner network and moderate channels of discussion to allow for refined exchanges on specific areas. These channels will digitize interactions that previously required in-person events, while generating investment pipelines for our partners and funding channels for the entrepreneurs.

Our partners and those engaging in the community won’t be limited to entrepreneurs and investors, we want to include artists, activists, government representatives, and more. It is important to express a diverse range of opinions and bring together multiple groups in order to create the most opportunities and impact.

These communities represent value to C7 as well, they can be used to source projects at their earliest stages when it is appropriate for C7 to invest and support, as well as giving us a medium to spread our ideas and gather more partners to our cause.

To join our Discord community, click here.

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